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December 13, 2010, 09:57 PM

To OMG and others:

When is the launch date for this site, ie. when will it be fully operational?

When will the site store be selling the supplement line?

What about Renokin?  Will that be in the site store?

When is the official regimen going to be released?

When is this “secret” discovery going to be revealed by IH, and why is it a secret in the first place?  Is he hoping to make a product based on it?

I ask all of these questions because they’ve never clearly been addressed before and I know a lot of readers are keenly interested in the answers….thanks. 

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December 14, 2010, 01:26 PM

So, I wake up today and find that I have an email from a nutjob customer claiming that I somehow committed fraud, ripped her off, sent her bogus pictures, and made a massive profit off of her -when actually I calculated that I made a whopping $89.14, I cut her HUGE DEAL for a custom helmet that I don’t normally make, and oh… don’t forget that I spent hours of my life answering her emails in the first place (in which I opened up parts of my life I don’t ordinarily talk about). 

Then, I look at the forums and I see that there is yet another “lasers will give you cancer -no seriously, here are the facts.” thread, where someone has drawn a theoretical connection but disregarded the fact that this has been studied ad naseum for longer than most of us reading this have been alive, and there is not a connection

Then, I call AiXiZ and find out that they still don’t have any diodes, and I am indeed going to be poor for Christmas.

So, lol… All I’m doing is giving you a reason why I’m only going to be brief here:  I don’t know yet when the site will be fully operational.  I was shooting for mid-January, but this this two/three week diode delay is making it so that I’m going to be playing catch up for quite a while (because regardless of what the chick said, I am a nice guy, I do help people, I sell the best laser device known to man, and yes… I have a lot of pending helmet orders, and I hope I will continue to do so). 

I was actually thinking about buying a bulk quantity of Renokin with Nidhogge for the site store because I know people are interested in it -but once again, not having diodes for three weeks puts a dent in your finances!  So, I don’t know about that one right now.

The site store will be selling both Renokin and the Supplement Line, though.  We’re waiting on one more supplement to be added, and then it’s just a matter of me taking the time to make the code.

I’ll have to talk to Immortal about what he’s talking about -he actually has a 400 diode laser messiah now (still no cancer reported), and I need to check up on that anyway.  I’ll see how much I can reveal -and yes, he’s going to have it available for sale, and no, it’s not going to eliminate the need for LLLT! lol….  I got asked that a lot through email.

Actually, though, on a rotten day like this, your post really cheered me up because it shows that people are still INTERESTED in all of this!  Thanks for that!

I’ll respond in more detail later, but I think I’m going to go crawl in a dark corner for the rest of the day…




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