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June 26, 2011, 09:06 PM

Hi All,

I have been LLLT’ing for the last 2 years, however I have slipped for the last 6 months due to just “stuff”. One of the discouragements I faced was that I tried to construct the original helmet myself and I made it out of foam. I had no experience and I was in a rush. Essentially I have been working with something that just “gets the job done”. So in the last month I decided to get another kick at the cat, however I’m clumsy and foam just would not do it. So I found a round safety hat with no ridges and have decided to make my prototype out of it.

The prototypical design is this. A construction helmet, with holes drilled into it for all the diodes. Now, I haven’t finalized a hole size yet because I don’t know how to affix the diodes to the helmet. There’s a disadvantage with plastic, you don’t get that play you do with foam. I could glue them in, but removing a burnt out diode might be a pain in the but.

I found that if picked the right sized drill bit, you could get the sizing where you can actually thread in the diode… but that might take alot of manual labour (it would be secure though, and easy to remove)

I then got some metal plates and made a supporting from for the helmet, ran some threaded rod through the top and have eye bolts and turn buckles from which I run a chain to a hook in the ceiling. My original idea was to build a stand and just hang the helmet from the stand, but it might be so heavy that the whole assembly falls over.

Anyways, I need feedback please. Please see the picture

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Comments/ dislikes/ likes/ suggestions are welcome!!!

PS: OMG is still the King when it comes to helmets wink