L-Lysine tablets: do they cause follicle miniaturization?





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August 18, 2011, 04:33 AM

Today I was doing some research and read somewhere that L-Lysine supplements could help to speed up results when taken together with other treatments. Propecia was mentioned; and yeah, I know what most people here think of propecia (I myself would never touch it), but could it also speed up Laser Messiah results?
From what I’ve heard, it can really help with regrowth.

However, I’ve also read on another forum, (which, I believe we aren’t allowed to name here, so I won’t give a link… but it has the word “help” in the title… you figure it out.), on that forum then, someone was saying that although it does help to stop the shedding, it also promotes follicles miniaturization. So that guy was saying that, although you won’t lose anymore hair, your hairs will be a lot thinner, almost like baby hair.

Which didn’t quite make sense to me, because, as another user soon pointed out,

Um, duh? Hairloss IS Follicle Miniaturization, it’s the same thing. When you lose hair, it’s because the follicles miniaturize over time, until they are insignificant. So it can’t stop hairloss AND miniaturize follicles, they are opposites, you can’t have both.

I still think this thread is bullsh*t.

But then another guy said

The follicle shrinks and produces a thinner hair. Fallout is just fallout. ANd Lysine does stop “just fallout” but seems to promote subsequent cycles of growth to come in thinner or more miniturized.

I just started taking L-lysine for another health problem, but now I’m a bit confused, because if it causes hair to become thinner, then I’m gonna stop taking it immediately, because hair is my priority. And I’m also taking other supplements for my other problem, so Lysine isn’t a necessity for me.

That one thread was the only place where I found any mention of this, though. Has anybody taken lysine supplements for extended periods of time? And if yes, what effects did it have on your hair, if any?