Definitive laser protocol? (especially for dry scalp)




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December 30, 2011, 02:27 PM


I was just wondering what the general consensus for pre/post laser topicals is?
Ive been using polysorbate 80/olive oil before a shower and then lasering after but have read about the emu oil/niacin before a shower but haven’t tried it yet.

Has anyone had much experience with no shower/emu oil/ niacin and would this be better for a dry/flaky scalp?

Im using a Jason natural shampoo too.








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January 03, 2012, 06:02 AM

as there is no reply yet, I will give it a go….

1) Apply the emu oil + niacin solution (flushing, not time-released) to your scalp. Rub it in.
2) Do your LLLT Session. 20 minutes. Leave the oil in.
3) Get some organic coconut oil and massage this into the scalp
Leave this in for another 15/20 minutes.

4) Take a shower, use a cheaper, natural pre-shampoo (I actually use a shampoo with a bit emu+coconut oil in it)
5) Optional: use a second, high quality shampoo (many different opinions here, I use Revita).

6) Have a nice day:D

Update: I am also wondering where the Poly80 comes into play, as this was one of the keystones when I first visited this website. Perhaps we can throw it in the emu/niacin mix.






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January 07, 2012, 05:33 PM

O.M.G, when you find the time could you give your word in all this…
I am curious about your opinion (as always smile )

(but no rush!)







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January 09, 2012, 10:46 PM

I actually have a bit of evolution on the topical here!  First, though, as you guys know, I had a bit of a setback since I wasn’t able to use the helmet much this past month because of the pancreas/hospital thing, so I can’t report much on the niacin/emu except for what I already said in the other thread.  But I’m back using it this week and I actually implemented a great idea that I had lying around on pain killers for the first time tonight!

I do think that emu/niacin is the way to go (and don’t forget the coconut oil afterwards!) -and DEFINITELY I think we all need to use niacin no matter how we mix it, even if it’s just in water.  I think that definitely the polysorbate 80/alcohol should be used before showers when you can, though (like on non-laser days when you don’t have coconut oil or heavy amounts of emu oil in your hair).

I still don’t like covering my head with a lot of emu because it’s just too thick for me, so I thought I’d mix it with WATER (and niacin and alcohol) and put it in a SPRAY BOTTLE.  It seems like it worked ok, and the good thing is that I really think this will stretch out the emu oil for a really long time.

I didn’t do anything scientific here, I just sort of mixed together the ingredients -you have to start somewhere!

I bought a spray bottle, and I put about six ounces of water in it, and I dissolved about a teaspoon of my pure niacin in it (I got that from so I wouldn’t have to deal with fillers).  Then, I put what I’m guessing to be about 10% emu in it -maybe a little more.  I actually might add a bit more next time.  I put in a few squirts of polysorbate 80 because it keeps the emu oil from globbing up like a lava lamp.  I finally put a little ethyl alcohol in it simply because I know that this does aid penetration, and I know that skin treated with alcohol first has better results with laser therapy.  I didn’t add much, just a few splashes.  I shook it up and sprayed.

I like the way it feels, and after only a few sprays my entire head was wet.  It smelled like emu, too, and it was “greasy” so I could tell that emu was definitely on my head -just MUCH THINNER.  After a few minutes, the niacin really took effect -and I think that the alcohol really helped that, too.

So, I really think this is a good solution.  I’m guessing that it’s just as effective as covering your head with think, slimy emu oil.  It’ll be MUCH EASIER to wash out, too!

That’s my evolution of this, and I’m probably going to cut and paste this into that original thread!


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