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March 07, 2012, 08:11 AM

Sitting here under my super new 400 diode helmet, first day on Mode 2 of my spectralight power drive.

I have been following hair loss issues and discussions for some time - ever since 2000 when my hair grew back poorly due to lack of estrogen, and a killer chemotherapy regimen. Back in the day there was Hairsite, Folligen and precious little else.

Long story short, like most of you, I did my share of research, and hoping against hope that various stuff would work. And the hardest part was knowing that if I’d purchased another vat of expensive snake oil, the time I had to see if it worked was only taking time away from something else that might.

Fortunately I tried the laser comb. I say “fortunately” because it stopped working one day (simply because the damn power plug had pulled slightly out of the base.) And in doing more research I discovered John Christian on the ‘net.

I don’t have to tell all of you of John’s professionalism, kindess, etc. I just have to marvel at how he’d basically done the research on lasers, and basically was only too happy to give the information away free.

The more I read about the Gaunitz laser centers the more pissed off I get. Why? Because I have read too many posts from people who have gotten results from them - and have paid too much money to get them.

John Christian basically freed the production(causing the end of the evil empire? Lol) And John Steele has added the power of the spectralight pulse drive.

Okay. Off the soapbox. FWIW, my hair rapidly improved within weeks of getting my initial helmet back in April of 09. Even my hypercritical husband noticed. Since then, it has only gotten better. I cannot wait to see how the new helmet plus the pulse drive does. Will report back.

Carry on, all.






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March 07, 2012, 02:27 PM

I just got my laser messiah II from OMG, and I couldn’t agree more with you. Right now, I am letting my head soak up this apple cider vinegar wash, then I’m going to do the emu oil pre treatment, and I’ll be on my 2nd session with my beloved helmet.

It’s of course still too early to see if I will experience results, but at least I have this opportunity to try and thanks to the guys behind this site… I have hope. Hopefully in 6 months I can report some changes “up there”.







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March 07, 2012, 06:33 PM

Wow, I really appreciate that!!!  Thank you so much!!!


Neither John nor I had any idea that we would be walking down this path -jeez, I was hell bent on not building them and finally BEATEN INTO SUBMISSION!  Ha ha ha!  It’s funny how life works out!  We have plans for A LOT of other anti-aging devices as well!  There is sooooo much for us to do!

...and by the way, I *am* back in business (and slowly getting through some repairs, too -those take longer so bear with me!), and I’m answering email in REVERSE ORDER -new ones first, because I assume that the people way back in December that are really interested have emailed me more than once!  Anyone who hasn’t heard from me will hear from me soon!  I’m not going to go away, either -I’m taking care of my problems and will [hopefully] live until the day I decide life isn’t fun any more… at 128 years old. [This reminds me… I have some great info I’ve found on lowering blood glucose -high blood glucose is a contributor to hair loss- and I just got some supplements that are seriously lowering it by 30 points!  I’ll share that info soon!]


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March 08, 2012, 04:37 AM

Thanks for your kind words gregsmum.

Wow GREAT photo John!

It’s certainly been a journey and I never thought it would lead to becoming an original equipment manufacturer! Or partnering up with someone on the other side of the world! Been a lot of hard work but also great fun working with people that I really respect. Looking forward to the year ahead John.