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March 21, 2012, 05:50 PM

I know the use of topical green tea has been discussed ad nauseum on the forums over the years but I just wanted to give my thoughts/recent experience with it.

I’ve recently experienced a stubborn case of acne on my face and chest. I tried washing several times a day with anti-bacterial soap to no avail. I started using an apricot/salicylic acid scrub and not only did it have no effect on the acne, but it irritated my skin, leaving it red for about a day after use.

I decided to give green tea a shot after some research. So yesterday I made a cup, and before throwing the used teabag away I wiped my face with it. A few hours later the redness caused by the salicylic acid was gone. I did 2 more applications that day. I have done 2 applications so far today and my acne is almost completely gone. I’m amazed. I didn’t use alcohol or any carriers, just the used teabag. (Basically, you could say that I tea-bagged myself, haha.) I also like the way it makes my face feel: dry but not dried-out. The salicylic acid dried me out so much it looked like my face had dandruff. Yet despite the drying out, the acid had no effect on the acne. I don’t know how that’s possible, but the mirror doesn’t lie. So green tea is the way to go for my acne.

Now this got me thinking: since DHT/sebum/inflammation/microbes play a big role in acne AND hair loss, and the green tea had a positive effect on my acne, it might be worth adding it to a hair loss regimen, at least for me. I read in an old post on this site where Joe the zix guy said it would be quite simple to swap out the distilled water in super zix 2 for green tea. I just brewed some green tea and am waiting for it to cool before mixing up my next batch of super zix 2.

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March 22, 2012, 07:36 AM

very interesting! I have read more than once about taking green tea capsules for various health reasons - including hair loss. You might try those - they’re decaffeinated. You can buy at practically any health food store.