Positive testimonial using Red Palm oil (topically) and LLLT




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April 19, 2012, 10:02 AM

Hi all,
I just joined to share the success I have had using Red Palm oil topically on my scalp in conjunction with LLLT.

I stumbled into Red Palm oil when a lady at my church gave me a small bottle of some thick orange oil (my hair loss was that obvious). The bottle was unmarked except for a small handwritten note taped on it that said “Manteca de Ola” or in English, “Butter of Ola.” I had no clue what that stuff was. She told me she had almost lost all her hair some time back and applying the oil to her scalp had made it grow back really thick. She said her husband, who is native to Panama, brought it for her from there and that the native women use it on their scalp and they get thick long hair.
As a typical guy, I never really noticed anything going on with her hair so I mentioned it to my mom and she told me that she had noticed that her hair had gone from scarce to really thick, so I decided to give it a shot.

She told me to put it on my scalp before bed and leave it in all night then wash it out in the morning.
I started doing that (although I would sometimes leave it in for 2 days) and using the 300 diode Laser helmet that I bought from OMG, after showers, for 20 min. every 2-3 days. After starting this regimen, my hair loss began to slow down and after about 2 months my hair loss stopped completely. I was VERY pleased.
I noticed that whenever I was not consistent with my LLLT use or applying the Red Palm oil, my hair loss would start to pick up again. Also, I never got such good results from using the Red Palm oil alone or the LLLT alone.

The problem began when I started to run out of the oil and the lady had no more. I had to try to get some more from that small apothecary shop in rural Panama, where her husband got it, because I didn’t know what it was. Looking online for “butter of Ola” produced nothing.
A few days ago I happened to mention it to my father and he told me exactly what it was. (I should have asked him first seeing as he was a chemist in Panama and worked in a vegetable oil refinery.) He told me that “Ola” is the name of a certain region of Panama and that it is known for its harvesting and production of Palm Kernel oil. The thick orange oil was Red Palm oil from the flesh of the palm fruit, not the kernel.
I found organic raw Red Palm oil on EBay pretty cheap and I plan to get it this week. I’ll keep posting my results for anyone who is interested.

For those who are wondering if there is any research behind this, I discovered that the Red Palm oil is rich in a form of vitamin E called Tocotrienols and that it has been shown to help with hair loss. Several companies sell pure Tocotrienols in powder or caps for ingestion such as “Toco-Sorb” and “Toco-8,” all which are derived from Red Palm oil, but I haven’t seen any topical products although there seems to be some research underway concerning that.






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April 19, 2012, 12:54 PM


Cool story!  I am glad you are getting results.  I will have to look into Red Palm oil.  I am big proponent of oils myself.  LLLT and topical oils work great together for me as well.





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April 19, 2012, 11:55 PM

Very interesting. A lot of us already use Coconut oil in the same way. They arrrre both from palm trees.






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April 21, 2012, 12:31 PM

I checked and found this for sale all over the internet, including on Amazon. WHat is the difference between that kind and yours? Just curious. thanks. h






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April 21, 2012, 09:56 PM

What a great first post!
As far as I can tell there shouldn’t be too much of a difference between the oil from Panama and others, as long as they are unrefined and have been handled carefully.
I’ve just ordered two 500ml glasses here in Australia that have been produced i n Colombia (no orang utans to   chase away there).

Have also looked into the oral formulations you mention, and while Toco 8 gets better reviews, it’s only available from one source at the moment, and they charge $33 shipping to Aus, so I might pull the trigger on Tocosorb soon.

Maybe Nid can tell us why Toco 8 is not really distributed anymore?

It seems that if you wanted to replace these products with raw red palm oil, you would have to consume about 80ml daily, which makes it uneconomical.

There is also a similar product called tocovid (expensive), and they have done a study in Malaysia with quite good results, although only 28 participants 8 placebos).