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April 27, 2012, 05:20 PM

No claims are made about the activations, is for information use only as it may or may not be useful, helpful, or harmful, and any information is for other researchers to use at their own risk.

Basic Radionics machine for $60

Bare minimum parts needed =  or similar 24 v adapter  or similar (type “1% resistor 1/4W” in Ebay for others)  (copper mesh)  I bought Copper Mesh, 22x22, .012” (.30mm) Wire, .034” (.86mm) Wd.


Here is a picture of the device.  img7563t.jpg 


I would recommend these parts to make life easier.  a pair of binding posts  banana plug 
banana plug to alligator clip

With the binding posts, banana plug and banana plug clip to alligator clip looks like =


As you can see, one wire from the adapter goes to the banana plug which is connected to the binding post.  The other wire from the copper screen is connected to the other banana plug which is connected to the other binding post. 

more info on the Radionics unit =


Can build the full radionics box yourself  if you buy the correct parts if you wish.  But the above info is extremely easy to build a basic radionics device. 

For example to use 803,000 ohms (detox mold), just take 8 100,000 ohms twish together as shown in the picture above.  Then twist together 1 3,000 ohm resistor.  Connect one end to the copper mesh.  Connect the other end to your adapter (doesn’t matter which wire).  Then put a little electrical tape on the other wire as you’ll only use one wire.

I personally used 2.1 x 5.5 mm Female Plug DC that is found through Ebay so that I wouldn’t have to cut the tip of the adapter off but this connector is not needed. 

To start with, I would recommend 803,000 ohms to detox mold that Dr. Loyd has found considering it’s huge importance for those in ill health including those with hair loss. Not to mention, without correcting for mold issues, may cause other pathogen scores to shoot back up quickly and ill health symptoms may not resolve. In short, correcting mold issues will take a lot of mystery out of the equation.

Also, Dr. Loyd has found 34,816,885 will also detox mold and lower inflammation and I respond better to this one. Although, Dr. Loyd has mentioned is not as good at lowering mold toxins as 803,000 will and therefore may use one for a couple days and switch to the other for a couple days.

For those with a SC-1A/SG-1 Rife machine can place the copper screen on top of the SC-1A/SG-1.  Then place your saliva sample, DNA, or similar on top of the copper screen as shown in this pictures.  That way, you’ll be lowering mold toxins while you use your Rife machine. 

For those without a SC-1A/SG-1 or similar device. put a bottle of water on top for 8 - 24 hours or can put a supplement on top.  Alfalfa is traditionally used. 

As a word of warning, if you search for more info through google, you’ll find very little if any information on “classic radionics.”  Dr. Loyd is the only one I know doing this

Other rates to experiment with would be 660,000 ohms for miasms such as syphillis miasm.. especially important in removing when treating cancer.  50,000 ohms for tumor growths.  “Good results have also been reported for swollen prostate, adhesions, aneurisms/aneurysms, blood clots, burns, cysts, fibroids and other conditions.”  200 ohms is reported to be good for radiation.  50,200 ohms for tumor growths and radiation.  204,500 ohms for bacteria.  621,340 will help with all the above as well as mold. 

Thanks to Dr. Loyd from for all the info and rates.






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April 29, 2012, 01:22 PM

quotes from Dr. Loyd from

Results of some of these activation rates can be found there as well.

no claims are made about the activations, is for information use only as it may or may not be useful, helpful, or harmful, and any information is for other researchers to use at their own risk.


When we place a radionics activation on water or alfalfa it takes a minimum of 8 hours. I usually leave alfalfa or a water bottle on the copper screen for 24 hours or more.

We typically activate alfalfa with all three settings for 12 hours each and use 3 tablets three times a day

If water is treated, the typical dose is 16 ounces daily. If supplements are treated, 1.5 grams three times a day is the minimum dose. If the screen is used on the body, one hour a day is typically used.

00000 or zero ohms happens to be the radionics setting used for detox and for poisons including food poisoning and poison ivy etc..

50,000 ohms will correct the electrical pattern of tumors.

The 50000 setting is certainly appropriate for carcinoma and sarcoma tumors.
If you also want it to heal radiation damage, add another 200 ohms in series. This is now a radionics setting of 50200 ohms.

The 50000 settings is very effective for tumors. Good results have also been reported for swollen prostate, adhesions, aneurisms/aneurysms, blood clots, burns, cysts, fibroids and other conditions.

50200 is a combination of 50000 which has been used historically to correct the electrical field of tumors and 200 which has been used to heal radiation damage. So this works out to 50200 ohms. This setting can be used for hours. Or, you can charge up water and use a pint per day.

803000 ohms will correct the electrical pattern of mold toxins.
803000 ohms is a setting that was recently discovered for mold toxins. A typical dose is 15 minutes or a small amount of activated material.

I have previously reported that the radionics activation of 803000 would neutralize mold toxins, even from a distance using the SG-1

We recently found that the activation of 34816885 was effective for mold toxins and many other things including reducing inflammation scores. This activation muscle tests better than 80300 for most people and they do not work well at the same time.

It has been discovered that 34816885 will not keep up with mold toxins if exposure is high. So it appears that the best program may be to use one for a couple days and they the other for a couple days and keep rotating.

We had to add two items. Normally we would use radionics activations of 50200 (growths and radiation). 803000 (mold toxins) and 660000 (genetic factor). We may add 204500 for bacteria. This combination did not test good. So we tried an all purpose activation of 621340 which covers all of the above and more.

A combination of a grape plant extract plus the radionics activation of 205800 has worked very well for a number of people with non-Hodgkin’s

660000 ohms has been used historically to remove syphilis antibodies (found in all cases of carcinoma, sarcoma and leukemia) and it should be used for a much shorter time. Say 15 minutes or a few teaspoons of activated material.

If a women is infected with syphilis, her body will make antibodies to defend itself. If she has children after that, they will inherit the antibodies. Their bodies are acting like they have syphilis even though they do not. This is a stressor. And you cannot get carcinoma, sarcoma, or leukemia without these antibodies. Lymphoma and melanoma do not have these antibodies as a precursor.

So this woman’s children have the antibodies. And her daughters pass them on to their children. And their daughters pass them on and so on. This can go on for many generations. So today, most of us today would test positive for syphilis antibodies.






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Similar information that may help in understanding.

Polysans: A New Way to Help Treat Chronic Disorders - by Konrad Werthmann, M.D., Salzburg, Austria
© Copyright 2001 by Konrad Werthmann, M.D., Salzburg, Austria

Edited by Dr. Slagel, N.M.D., USA
(Explore Issue: Volume 10, Number 4)

The wide range of chronic disorders is diverse with the ratio between males and females being quite equal. Various facts and the limited ability to take care of one’s own body are associated with the cause of these chronic conditions. Dr. Enderlein, Professor at the University of Berlin, said in 1910 that the development of the chronic disorders depends on the environment within the human body, that is the internal milieu and the milieu of the respective organs. The fashionable medicine treats those disorders with painkillers, immune suppressing remedies, antibiotics and of course with cortisone. However, another treatment option is the use of holistic therapies. Holistic medicine is able to offer the patient with a chronic disorder a different perspective regarding the development of the condition, along with an associated treatment. In this treatment regimen it is important to remember several points.

1) Most acute illnesses, or the so-called recurrences of a certain illness are always a trial of the body to eliminate toxins from the system. These toxins have accumulated over time and are indicative of the level of function of the human system. The four primary eliminatory organs: bowel, kidney, lung and skin must be functioning in proper manner to facilitate the removal of these wastes. Treating with antibiotics or suppressive medicines will prevent the elimination of these toxins. If the first attempt at elimination was suppressed, after a time the organism will try to expel these toxins by a different manner. Initially, elimination is via the intestines. Next the pulmonary system, or the kidney, and finally the skin will be called to assist in ridding wastes from the body. If the elimination is not allowed, the toxin will be stored in the cells of the organ, or in a unique storage area—the connective tissue. One must take note that every attempt of toxic expulsion is often viewed as a new disorder and the specific fashionable treatment will prevent the body’s effort at elimination.

2) The SANUM-Kehlbeck Company found various ways to recover the balance of health after suffering from chronic disorders. One of these ways is with the use of the set of Polysan remedies; the other is with the Sanukehl Remedies.

The founder of the Polysan Remedies was Dr. Carl Spengler, 1860 -1937, a famous medical researcher of tuberculosis, who lived in Upper-Engadin, Switzerland. Dr. Spengler was the chief of a large hospital where many people who suffered from various kinds of tuberculosis, mainly respiratory tuberculosis, were treated.

Dr. Spengler discovered two very important facts: one, a possible way to cure tuberculosis; two, a new way of thinking about chronic disorders as a “masked infection.” The mask represents the connection between genetically fixed luetic and tuberculosis toxins in respect to the presenting condition.

Dr. Spengler isolated gram-negative and gram-positive granula from erythrocytes in chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, rheumatism and cancer. He described these granula as blood-parasites. According to Spengler, the gram-positive malignant granula disturbs the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin by their fermentation and moreover, they endanger the formation of defensive substances produced by the body. It was his conviction that the erythrocytes that were attacked by the granula were the carriers of both the inherited and endogenic toxins. These specific inherited substances were transferred from the mother’s blood to the child and may burden the descendants over several generations.

The Polysan remedies have been found to be an effective therapeutic agent for chronic disorders and also act as an active immunization. They may be used diagnostically and therapeutically. Dr. Spengler produced the remedies as a type of homeopathic antigenic vaccination, being diluted and succussed according to homeopathic principles. The assessment process includes mixing a drop of the patient’s blood with a drop of each of the corresponding remedies. When antibodies are present in the human blood from former diseases there will be a reaction with the homeopathic Polysan antigens; that is there is an antigen-antibody reaction, which produces an agglutination effect as in blood typing. The degree of agglutination indicates the level of antibody-titer of the patient.

Regarding the presence of T.B., the Polysan remedies contain remarkable antigens which when combined with the patient’s blood show the modern day healthcare practitioner that the tuberculosis is still present. In nearly all patients tested with the Polysan remedies one still finds the presence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, especially the type bovinus. That means humans are still suffering from tuberculosis with a probable association between the consumption of large amounts of cow’s milk and the prevalence of leaky gut syndrome. The patients are present day carriers of M. tuberculosis bovinus antibodies, which react with the primary antigens from the milk resulting in irritation and inflammation of the intestinal mucosa leading to leaky gut syndrome.

Over 80 percent of foods consumed contain some quantity of cow’s milk. That means for me as a gastroenterologist a horrible vision. The people suffering from chronic disorders do not think about the considerations of Dr. Spengler, and the modern healthcare practitioner is not aware of the thoughts of Dr. Spengler.

The Polysans are a big treasure for holistic medicine and may function as an adjunct therapy with other treatments, or serve as a main remedy. Two of the remedies are used for diagnostic purposes only:

Polysan D and Polysan Dx. The first remedy, Polysan D, if positive, indicates a focal point of illness. Polysan Dx will indicate the site of the condition due to the presence of corresponding symptoms.

The author likes best the important Polysan T for treating all kinds of tuberculosis especially for lung, skin, kidney, intestine and of course TBC of the lymphatic system. For chronic diseases we prescribe for adults once a day, 10 drops of the remedy rubbed in percutaneously at the bend of the elbow or inner thigh. For children over three years of age rub in 2 ­ 5 drops per day at the same regions as for adults. The remedies are not recommended for children under three. Apply the remedies always in the evenings.

Polysan E is used frequently as it contains luetic antigens, often an inherited presence. It is a strong treatment for the elderly as it is used for sleeplessness, memory failure, joint disorders, neurasthenia and other psychosomatic disorders.

Two disorders have to be named separately: the various possibilities for an impaired memory in childhood and in cases of the elderly. According to the author’s 30 years of experience as a physician, good results were seen in treating impaired memory of children and in the elderly. Using the combination of Polysan T and E with magnesium daily showed increased word power in 2 ­ 3 weeks. For the adult patient use the combination of Polysan T and E, Vitamin E and Magnesium (Mapurit- SANUM product consisting of Magnesium and vitamin E) combined with a twice-weekly ampule of Chrysocor. This treatment provided over the course of 2 ­ 3 months has reduced the time for finding words (verbal memory) by nearly half from what it was at the beginning of the treatment. The author has also seen a wide range of depressive perception and psychosomatic complaints reduced with the addition of Chrysocor to Polysan treatment. It is nice to see how the patients (35 years up to the elderly) begin to smile when they visit the office.

The “A” in Polysan A stands for arteriosclerosis and all disorders associated with the Mucor racemosus cyclogenic cycle according to Dr. Enderlein, Professor at the University of Berlin. As you may be aware in the Isopathic remedies, Mucokehl effects the higher valence cyclogenic cycle of Mucor racemosus, which is associated with all circulatory disturbances. Combining Polysan A with Polysan E will provide benefit for arteriosclerosis, hypertension and all cardiac afflictions, as well as symptoms of senility.

A significant treatment is to influence the symptoms and disorders of the prostate gland. The combination of Polysan A and T, and perhaps the inclusion of Polysan E are the best for treating prostate conditions. These remedies will address complaints associated with hyperuresis, obstruction of urinary flow, or incontinence. The addition of Chrysocor, one ampule two times per week often provides more rapid improvement.

Polysan G is used for the repetitive occurrence of viral infections, mainly for pulmonary disorders, and for Perleche (migrating cheilitis). All types of influenza, angina, and febrile illness can be treated as well. An effective prescription preventing influenza is the combination of Polysan G and Sanukehl Serra, plus the Isopathic Quentakehl. In case of herpes, combine the Grifokehl drops 6X and San Ger (two teaspoons per day) with Polysan G.

Polysan R is also a very interesting remedy. It addresses many kinds of rheumatism, gout and neuralgia. Rub in the drops in the region of the pain or the effected joints. Do this two times daily to alleviate pains of the respective joints. The combination of Polysan T, or in the case of an inherited suffering adding Polysan E for additional benefit.

Additional Polysans include K, M, and Om. The Polysan K is a wonderful remedy in the case of allergies, including intestinal and pulmonary allergies. The allergic sinusitis causing enteral and pulmonary allergies is a special aspect of Polysan K. Remember in childhood that allergic sinusitis causing bed-wetting and cystitis. The combination of Polysan K and T, plus the Isopathic Notakehl is also helpful.

In Europe Polysan M is a remedy seldom used. The “M” stands for malaria and all its associations. At times the author has found it beneficial for treating patients who were complaining of being chilled.

The Polysan Om is indicated for suffering from benign or malignant neoplasms. Primarily it is beneficial for treating precancerous stages. Polysan Om is also a useful remedy for treating the patient with tuberculinic weakness.

The basis for a successful treatment especially for a preventative medicine is a well-developed mucous membrane of the intestines. That fact demands the attention that allergies of all types begin in the intestinal region. Most of the population suffers from some form of intestinal mucous membrane atrophy or deterioration. The cause is a hidden allergen against the primary antigen given in the first nine months of life.

According to the over 30 years of experience of the author, Dr. Werthmann, M.D., the treatment of chronic disorders demands the avoidance of the primary antigens: all dairy products and hen’s eggs. Mainly it is the cow’s milk (Lact ­ albumin) and the hen’s egg (Ov ­ albumin), which destroys the mucous membrane. The mucous membrane is responsible for the secretion of the Immune Globulin A (IgA). IgA is the most important part of the immune system—the leaky gut, marking the foreign intestinal bacteria and toxins, and building up a highly effective messenger for the T3 and T4 lymphatic cells, as well as for the macrophages.

The macrophages are only one kind of phagocytic cell, which are able to find all the toxins in various tissues and the connective tissue. Therefore, prescribe in case of prevention of influenza the ‘Diet according to Werthmann’ and in just a few weeks the patient will be healthier.

The Polysan remedies are a strong enough potency that they work well when rubbed in percutaneously. They do not cause side effects and are used easily by themselves, or as an adjuvant therapy. The goal of all persons suffering from a chronic disorder is the balance of health. Using the Polysans in combination with the diet, excluding the primary antigens, gives one a greater chance to recover. And perhaps, that is worthwhile enough to prove it.

Dr. Konrad Werthmann, M.D.
Pediatrician General Practitioner