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May 06, 2012, 07:47 AM

Hi everyone

time to introduce myself here, I have been quietly lurking for long enough now.

At the same time I want to use this thread to note down my current regime and any changes that will occur in the future, including results that I might be getting. I’m pretty crap at noting down when I start and end things, so I figured I can just quickly jump on here to note things down. Please let me know if this is not considered appropriate.

So, I’m in Australia, 33 years old and must have started loosing hair well before I was twenty, in fact I remember people in school telling me that my hair is thinning out. Somehow I never really paid attention to it and it was never obvious to me until about 1 or two years ago.
I started on minox exactly a year ago which resulted in a few new hairs in the temple area. At that time I also read about finasteride but decided that I never would go down that path due to the side effects.
A few month ago I started doing some more research as the minox success kind of stalled, and stumbled from the Limo to the hairmax to igrow and finally to OMG’s site and later onto this forum, and thank god for that.
I jumped in pretty quickly and ordered a 442 diode helmet from John and also started using Super Zix II (without beta sitosterol, don’t ask…). I started reading more and ordered shampoos here and supplemements there, a pulse drive, 95% ethanol and everything else I thought I might need.

Yesterday i spontaneously went to one of the local hair loss clinics (Ashley and Martin). I read reviews beforehand so kind of knew what to expect, but if I learned one thing then that my hair loss had progressed much further than I had thought. It’s funny, I look into the mirror every day, see my receding hair line around the temples and the thinning throughout the top, but it was only when the guy gave me a big ass mirror and held another one above my head that I could really see what had happened to my hair. To be honest I was quite shocked. Still plenty of long hair, but sooo much less than I had thought.
Despite my expectations the guy was not pushy at all. Their program basically consists of Minox (7%, five times a week at night only, 2ml each time), Propecia, Saw palmetto Supplements (340mg daily) and their shampoo and conditioner (with saw palmetto, Poly 80, no Ketazenole, but with LSL). Then there are the laser sessions, but only once every fortnight for 15 minutes or once a month for 30 minutes. I asked him about the lasers, but he said that the question was too technical and he can’t tell me anything, but apparently there are over 200 diodes on the helmet.
The cost for 8 month was $4500, with an optional maintenance program for $1900 every six month after that.
Needless to say I declined.

So at the moment I have a pretty full on regimen, I have already changed things around just to make it practical enough to continue for a while. At first I thought I’ll add one thing at a time and see if it’s successful, but then I thought hey, I don’t care what works, bring my hair back first and then I can still eliminate things that don’t contribute. I have ordered a (at least) 4 month supply of all supplements listed, and probably order for another 4 month and then assess the situation.

I’ve only had my helmet for four weeks and it took some time to get everything sorted, so as far as record keeping I will pretend that I start this regimen as of tomorrow, Monday, 7 May.

So here is my current routine:

- LLLT: 3 times a week, preferably Monday, Wednesday and Friday night. With PulseDrive on Setting 3 for 20 minutes

- Nizoral: On laser days in the morning

- Regenepure Dr.: On non laser days in the morning

- Super Zix II (currently without Beta Sit): every morning after shower

- Minox: Every night on non laser days, preferably after hair wash because of the sink in zix

- Polysorbate 80: Diluted with 95% Ethanol and distilled water, trying to use before every hair wash

- BIOTIN B-COMPLEX THERAPY Thickening Shampoo: whenever I wash my hair in the evening (in the sink,  takes two minutes). Always wash before LLLT and try to also wash on other nights before applying topicals.

- BIOTIN B-COMPLEX THERAPY Thickening Conditioner: After every hair wash

- Emu Oil: Every now and again at night, often after laser combined with Coconut oil

- Coconut oil: as above, mostly after laser

- Red palm oil: awaiting in the mail, planning on applying at night time after minox, possibly mixing with Emu   and Coconut, will see.

- Magnesium Chloride: applied to skin once daily.

- cold showers: Whenever I dare, mostly to rinse out conditioner, then keeping it cold for at least two minutes. If I have time I switch from cold to hot to cold.

- avoiding stress: trying to as good as I can

- Supplements Morning with breakfast:

  *NOW resveratrol 200mg
  *Life Extension super Bio-curcumin 400mg
  *Doctor’s best comprehensive prostate formula (saw palmetto, Vitamin D and B6, Zink, Selenium, Copper,    Beta Sitosterol and more)
  *Jarrow TOCO-SORB (57mg Tocotrienols)
  *Iodoral 12.5mg
  *Vitamin D3 1000IU
  *Fish oil 4000mg
  *Vitamin C 500mg (+horseradish and garlic)
  *NOW Cayenne 500mg
  *NOW Soy Isoflavones 150mg
  *NOW Vitamin K-2 100 mcg
  *5 apricot seeds
  *small shot of sesame seed oil

- Supplements evening with dinner:

  *NOW resveratrol 200mg
  *Life extension super Bio-curcumin 400mg
  *Jarrow TOCO-SORB (57mg Tocotrienols)
  *Iodoral 12.5mg
  *Fish oil 4000mg
  *5 apricot seeds

I’m also very close to ordering Revivogen after reading good reports from Tanner84 and others. I looked at the ingredients list, and it seems to be a sound combination, time will tell.
It looks like I have heaps of stuff going on at night, with Minox, Emu, Coconut, Red Palm and Revivogen, not sure How I will juggle all of that, but am sure it works out somehow. Possibly minox earlier in the evening, then Revivogen and the oils just before bed.

Anyway, that’s it for now, please feel free to ask questions or add comments, thanks.






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May 06, 2012, 08:04 AM

ah, the kitchen sink approach. Throw everything at it and hope something works. I think we’ve all been there at some point.

There are three big problems with this approach:

1.  too complicated to stick with. The chance of staying on this regimen with integrity for a year are slim. It can be done, but most people slip up. And once you start to slip it gets easier and easier to continue to do so.

2.  Cost:  will power to stay on the treatment is easily slowed down by the rising price tag.  It’s just too expensive for most people to stick wtih for a long period of time and eventually you stop buying certing parts of the regimen to save money.

3.  The efficacy effect. Some products work great on their own and less when combined with other things.  For instance, products with zinc lessen the efficacy of minox.  Others have offered the idea that lasers and minox used in combination lessen the effect of one another.  The pont is, you never know what is going to work well together and what is going to be counter productive.

I’m not saying not to do it, I"m just saying it may not be the best option.  I would offer using a well rounded smaller appraoch as opposed to the kitchen sink approach.

Attach nutrtion, inflammation, and growth issues using a smaller approach that is carefully researched…and consider a hair transplant.  Based on the cost of the program you cited in your post, a hair transplant would be cheaper and get you gauranteed results.

Either way,  Iwish you the best of luck.  As you have read, there have been a lot of advances in research recently and I think we really do have true hope on the horizon.  It’s just a matter of using a program that can carry us for another 5 years or so.

Tried a lot of things, never stuck with anything. Don’t do that






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May 06, 2012, 08:46 AM

Thanks for your comments mj.

It’s late at night here so I’ll keep things short.
1 and 2 I can live with. I’m planning to follow this through for 4 to 8 month and then asses. Although it sounds like a lot I feel that it is pretty straight forward. The supplements I sort out once a week, I always shower in the morning anyway and zix is now my styling product. The night procedure sounds a bit messy and sure I will gives something the flick.

Your point 3 is a good one and something I try to be aware of as much as possible. That’s why I wash my hair at night before minox and also don’t use minox on laser days. Eventually I’m hoping to skip minox completely, but am not game enough at this stage. Once/if I see some decent results I think minox is the first thing to go.
I have read heaps about minox and laser, but still haven’t come across a detailed explanation, all I keep reading is about calcium and potassium channels, but many just seem to repeat these terms without explaining or possibly even knowing what exactly this means. So for now I have chosen to use both on separate days.

I have edited my first post to make it clear that I won’t go with the laser clinic, am not sure if you understood that right as it wasn’t mentioned clearly enough.

Interesting you mention transplants, never really looked into them, but it might be an option in a year or so if I don’t see any results. And as you said, there is plenty of hope for new technologies on the horizon







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May 06, 2012, 04:28 PM

Hey, Hairmore!

You might want to mention the times you have been using these things.  For example, you’ve only had your helmet for 32 days!  *I* know that and *you* know that, but people are going to wonder “How long has he been doing X or Y in the regimen?”, and they are going to draw perhaps erroneous conclusions about it.  Those things are crucial to those of us in the peanut gallery that want to say something!

Speaking of time, don’t forget to GIVE THINGS TIME before you start changing too many things up!

That’s all!


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May 06, 2012, 06:35 PM

God points, O.M.G..

I basically start this as of today and consider the previous weeks as a warming up phase as I changed things around to suit my daily life.
I have edited the first post to reflect this.

And no, I won’t be changing to much around from now on, that’s why I only posted yesterday and not a few weeks ago, I wanted this regimen to be established first. Only changes will be the possible addition of revivogen and and possibly some changes on the over night oils. Consider everything set in stone for the next 8 month!
This also allows me to dedicate the enormous amounts of time I have spent reading about hair loss to other important things in life like my family.