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October 03, 2013, 03:23 PM

Off topic and, I suppose in our case off label, but I thought I’d mention that, as a runner I usually have some low level discomfort on account of shin splints.

I’m careful to rest, stretch, cross train, wear good shoes, but I still get them. For some reason this past week was worse than usual with my shins giving me a random bark every now and then.

There are various articles on low level lasers used on animals, and I googled “lasers for shin splints” a couple of chronic cases (literally a couple, actually three) were reported as being successfully treated with lasers.

At any rate, unlike most runners (except for those of you who run) I am in the enviable position of having an extremely potent source of LLLT close to hand. So I tried giving my right shin, which was hurting and barking the most a 20 minute session.

Quieted it right down.

So yesterday I did 20 minutes on each shin, in the morning and evening. I’ll do the same today.

I haven’t run yet, rest is still very important but I definitely think I’m onto something.

Anybody else tried their laser helmet for something non follicle related? I’ll bet it’s good for any charlie horse, etc.





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October 04, 2013, 06:31 AM

Hi Greg. Interesting post. Actually I seem to remember someone else posted something about lasers and shin splints before.

I am a jogger too. It makes sense that lasers would work for any sort of injury and problem because it increases blood flow to the area and that speeds healing. It also has been put forward that it increases ATP in the cells which gives the cell the necessary energy for repair.

Here some other things I’ve observed with regards to jogging.

There is a maximum amount of miles you should jog a day…and everyone is different. For awhile last year I was running 7 miles a day but I found over time my body was not fully repaired the next day from the previous days run. Over time my body tended to get worn down. I’ve cut down to 5 miles and that seems to be a better distance for me.

Another thing I’ve found is that you’re better off throwing a couple of wind sprints in your jog and then spend the rest of the time running at a slower and more relaxed pace. I’ve found this maximizes the aerobic benefits without as much wear and tear on the body.

Then there are sort of two phases I constantly go back and forth with. The first phase is when I’m motivated…that’s when I tend to run harder because I want to get in better shape. However after a few weeks of that it gets miserable. That’s when I’ve learned to go into the other phase…the less motivated phase. I still run just as often and just as far but I run much slower. I call it “sleep jogging”. If I didn’t sleep jog and kept running hard I would eventually end up giving the whole thing up. I’ve found that if you make exercise a continuously miserable thing….you won’t end up doing it at all eventually.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that jogging is actually easier in the long run on your body than walking! To get any real aerobic benefit from walking you need to walk pretty fast. This motion is not a natural one. Jogging slow is a natural motion and will be less stressful on your body over the long run.

Just thought I’d throw that stuff into the mix on the subject of jogging.






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October 07, 2013, 10:00 PM

Thanks, Zix

No WAY could I do that much per day! But then I never could, even in the days when I was just me, and not Gregs mom.

I try to do 3 to 4 days a week, usually about 3 to 4 miles, but I think I may be cutting back, because my shins are not happy. I also do weights and other forms of exercise, since I can’t run every day. However I intend to try your idea of wind sprints and then easing up. Hopefully it will help.

At any rate, lasers for shins as well as scalps. I feel grateful that I have such a smart and reliable laser source to use.

peace out