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February 17, 2014, 01:08 PM

As I lay here in the sunshine I can see the reflection of myself on my laptop screen and noticed I could no longer see my scalp in the light.  I thought I should share my success with the OMG helmet.

I am a 42 year old woman who has been using an OMG helmet for two years now.  I pulled out an old photo of me from 2010 and never realized how little hair I had compared to now.  When I started using the helmet I didn’t really notice much, I saw a lot of very small fine hairs.  I thought well perhaps it could be from the minox…I changed my regimen when I started using the helmet from 2% twice a day to 2% in the morning and 5% at night (5% left my hair greasy).  I’m pretty sure the extra growth is a combination of the two. 

Before the helmet I stopped the minox because I didn’t think it worked and I had the worst shed ever, which prompted me to buy the helmet.  I think the minox combined with the helmet works for me.  I initially used polysorbate 80, niacin, etc as directed by OMG but this wasn’t realistic for me to do long term so I thought I would see how it went with just minox and the helmet.  My results may have been better with other additives but right now i’m good with what I have.

So for those who use the helmet for a year and are disappointed try going for 2 years before giving up. I"m glad I did.  I almost didn’t stick with it but i was afraid if I stopped I would have a bad shed like I did when i stopped the minox.  I dont’ have the thick head of hair from my youth but i’m happy with what came back.  The younger you are when you start the better the results.  Save those follicles before they die!  I would like to order some more laser lights for all around the helmet, I think OMG said I could add 50 more before needing a new power supply as women loose hair all over and not just on top. 

I see people are using lasers for tinnitus and wrinkle reduction….these lasers are so exciting I am hoping to try them for wrinkles next!  a friend of mine has tinnitus so those who have tried it for that let me know what you think! 

don’t give up on the lasers!






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February 17, 2014, 02:03 PM

OP is correct - going on 5 years here. You have to stick with it; results seem to occur in the same timeline as the hair loss. Patience is key - the lasers work.