Laser Messiah: Do all the laser diodes have to face the same direction?




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April 14, 2014, 01:07 PM

Hi all,

So as you may have read in a previous post, I purchased a used Laser Messiah and had to re-glue almost all of the diodes in place. When I did this, I neglected to align all the diodes facing the same direction, as OMG does. (The reason I neglected to do this is because I assumed the shape of the laser was cicular, not oval and it would not matter which way I glued them)

To give you a visual, I’ve attached a photo of the helmet atop my head. If you look at the front area of my scalp which is visible through the front strap of the helmet, there are some spots on my scalp where the lasers do not shine. The photo, while not perfect, does a somewhat decent job of showing that the redness of the lasers is not covering 100% of my scalp, and that the shape of the laser lights all point in different directions. If you were to look at it in person, you’d notice that the lasers are probably only covering about 60-70% of my scalp, and are aligned in a disjointed fashion.

In your opinion, would I have been much better off rotating all the diodes in the same direction, to ensure that the lasers all line up in a parallel fashion? I consulted OMG on the matter. He seems to think this will not make a difference since the lasers will inevitably shift around on my head during the course of use. But I thought I’d consult the community to gauge your opinions.

Happy lasering!

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April 15, 2014, 04:32 PM

I’ll go ahead and give my answer again so the world can see—-I wouldn’t worry about it!!!  I think there is a very negligible effect on results with how you orient them!  The MAIN THING is that you have hundreds of wonderful diodes shining down on your head, irradiating a massive area. 

Also, the energy does radiate BIGGER than the actual diode footprint (not much, but it definitely fills in those gaps), and those diodes are going to be in a slightly different place every time you adjust the helmet a little anyway. 

Don’t just go by the pictures either—that picture you took obviously looks radically different than what you see in the mirror.  It’s just flat out near IMPOSSIBLE to take good pictures of laser therapy in action!  The brightest points blow the rest of the shot.  Those “dark areas” are not actually that dark in real life—there is definitely light hitting them.  If you have a good camera and can adjust the aperture, etc. so you are seeing a picture that actually looks like what you are seeing in a mirror, you can see that the darker areas actually still are pretty red with laser light!

Anyway, in summary, I wouldn’t lose one second of sleep over this.  If it BUGS YOU, though, then change it—no need to stress over something that you can fix!  That might lead to you not using it, and we DO NOT WANT THAT!  The real “secret” to results (aside from getting the proper amount of energy) is consistency of usage!!!!



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