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September 22, 2014, 06:48 PM

Hey Folks, Im a regular visitor but an infrequent poster. TBH the other forums are full of complete negativity. With only fin, RU and Min being promoted to work. That, and everyone makes hair or lack there-of the end of their lives. Its really depressing to visit the forums and try to seek advise when its always defeatist / catastrophic. 

I always liked this site because of the posters and the knowledge here. But I feel that I have seen an exponential reduction in posts and general discussion. I still haven’t seen any new ’ laser success’ threads. Im happy the few posters ‘Calbruin, Eriko and a few others’ have come on to share their experiences. Because other than this site, no one is promoting lasers and I think that’s a massive shame.

Also, how is rejuveplex doing? anyone on lasers only? I haven’t purchased one yet but Im starting to look at implementing a new regimen.  Im not gonna lie, fin is definitely appealing because it does work. But like most people, Im terrified of the sides.  What about minomuck? has anyone has success maintaining with just that?

So how can we revive this forum again? lets get the discussions rolling. OMG, Zix, NIdhogge, we miss your presence here.








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September 23, 2014, 08:39 AM

Hey, Wookin!

Don’t worry—it won’t!  As a matter of fact, we are starting the very first steps of doing the second production run of the PulseDrives, and I’m going to use this site to let people know ALL ABOUT IT! 

To point out:  I’ve had membership turned off for at least a year—this is why you don’t see anything new.  I have people every week] wanting to register on my site to leave positive feedback about my helmet -in fact, maybe I’ll let someone that requested this LAST NIGHT on just to prove it!  The thing is, people CAN’T come on right now.  I don’t want to open membership up right now until I get the site redone.  This “back end” is a mess for registration spam, and I just don’t want to deal with it right now. 

Plus, it’s not fun having to wake up every morning and having totally ridiculous marketers wanting to tout how wonderful the igrow or whatever scam helmet du’jour is currently out there, and then be faced with the dilemma of how it would look for me, the guy that builds the best laser helmet in the world, to delete it.  Hey, dealing with that BS is something that I’ve proven I can do very well over the years, but it’s just not something I’m going to do again until the site is fixed.

I know the other sites out there are horrible, wretched places that are NOT a positive beacon for hair loss sufferers, and they are full of bad information as well.  So, I know the importance of it!  I’ll open membership back up when I have the site updated, and it is the way it SHOULD BE.

I talk with Immortal Hair pretty much every week about new articles, etc., so we’re getting ready.


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September 24, 2014, 02:21 PM

Considering this thread, I thought I would post an update on how things are going.

OMG and I are preparing some happenings in the future. We put a temporary brake on this site because there were some issues that OMG couldn’t take the time to do, but we’ve made this a new priority. So sometime in the future there’s likely to be a lot of new material coming out, and a lot of new site changes as well.

There are many article topics that we want need to discuss, ranging from erroneous claims from other laser devices (you’re welcome, OMG) all the way to the Ebola panic. So, we want to get this site going as well.

I get asked a lot about the efficacy of OMG’s laser helmets all the time, and yes, they really do work. At least a few times a year I read citations of study after study proving they work also in addition to testimonials from users.

This is true of both men and women.

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