The RejuvePlex anti-aging / hair loss topical is finally released -VIDEO DISCUSSION HERE!

December 12th, 2011, 3:30 pm


After what probably seemed like an eternity to many, we’ve finally completed the RejuvePlex anti-aging and hair-care topical, and as of Friday, December 9th, it is officially launched!

1:10 - Introduction with Nidhogge
3:45 - Immortal’s Arrival
4:40 - Nano-Silver
7:43 - Marine Seakelp Bioferment
9:43 - Lumistor
10:51 - Seveov
12:48 - Puresterol
12:07 - Copper Tri-Peptide1
18:40 - PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica
21:29 - GSP-T
22:56 - Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10
25:20 - Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA
27:59 - Epicalmin TCM
30:58 - AquaCacteen
34:16 - Summary, consultations with Brian Simmonis

For order information, please visit the following URL:

There is a limited quantity for the time being of no more than three per customer so that we can ensure that current supply can meet the initial demand (this is only temporary). For now, bottles are two ounces, though in the near future 4-ounce bottles may be offered as well. If possible, please provide feedback on how long the 2-ounce bottles last for you.

The post directly below this one will be consistently updated to answer any and all questions about RejuvePlex so that the answers aren’t lost to the sands of time…

Keep your eyes on the order page on Friday to see what sort of combination discount package deals we’re going to work out with RejuvePlex, the supplements, and the shampoo!

Now, time for the details…


RejuvePlex is a relatively all-natural water-based solution with a light-bluish color. As a result, it is both cosmetically appealing and fairly easy to apply. RejuvePlex is intended for use both in an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle capacity when applied to the face, and for hair health when applied to the scalp. Due to the liposomal actives in the formula, you will find that the solution absorbs both quickly and thoroughly when massaged into either the face or scalp. Depending on your hair length, RejuvePlex may cause your hair to stick together (similar to hair spray). If this is the case, and it is too much of a hassle to separate the hair, then apply RejuvePlex to the scalp at night prior to bed (preferably after a shower when your skin’s pores are opened up), and apply to your face whenever you’d like throughout the day; as many times as you desire. A little goes a long way, but we advise against using too little as well, as it may risk decreasing the efficacy of the ingredients.

Tip: Use a good fruit enzyme peel prior to applying the topical to remove dead skin cells and other debris that clog your pores…we recommend the Fruit Fiesta Peel or Pumpkin Enzyme Peel from

As far as what to expect…in our experience, after thoroughly massaging RejuvePlex into our faces and scalps, a slight, though noticeable warming feeling seems to occur shortly after application in those areas. This may be an indication of increased microcirculation, which is a benefit attributed to a number of the ingredients in this formulation. Other than that, a reduction in “itchiness” of the face or scalp (potential inflammation) was also immediately noticed as well.

On to the ingredients…


Colloidal Silver is well-known as an anti-biotic, anti-fungal, and anti-parasitical remedy when not only taken internally, but when applied topically as well. However, the primary issue with colloidal silver, is both the concentration of silver in the formula, as well as the size of the actual silver particle. It is for this reason that we looked into nano-sized silver solutions, and found a fantastic source created by a knowledgeable doctor in Poland. Not only are the particle sizes small enough to make a difference when applied topically, but the concentration of the solution is initially 1,000 PPM (Particles Per Million), and we are using that at 5% in the formula. This makes the quantity of nano-silver particles in this formula 50 PPM, which is the same strength typically used on plant-life as a natural pesticide to stave off harmful bacteria and fungal growth.

So, you may be wondering what made us consider Nano-Silver for an anti-aging and anti-hair loss formula…

Nano-Silver was considered for primarily two reasons. It will act as a safe disinfectant for the scalp, which may serve to diminish bacterial, fungal, and parasitical cultures situated on the skin and nested in both our hair follicles and skin pores. Additionally, it will act as a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal for the RejuvePlex solution itself. Being a water-based solution, the potential for slight mold growth is present, which typically calls for an unnatural preservative that may cause side-effects such as micro-inflammation and allergic reactions when applied topically. Nano-Silver, on the other hand, serves as a natural disinfectant, thus preserving the quality of the RejuvePlex solution. Further information on Colloidal Silver can be found here:

Marine Seakelp Bioferment

If you’re not familiar with Marine Seakelp Bioferment, in a nutshell, it’s derived from seaweed and, as of this writing, is a pretty big deal in the natural cosmetics industry. So, what exactly is all the fuss about?

The ocean is chock full of minerals and nutrients that our body and skin needs, and sea kelp is well-known for being a great source of said nutrients. This particular sea kelp contains high amounts of these minerals and nutrients, and, according to our manufacturer, is “fermented by the same microorganisms that convert milk to yogurt” (Source:, such as Lactobacillus.

If you suffer from dry skin, you may find that it acts as a potent moisturizer. Additionally, the fermentation procedure alters the composition of the cell contents within the sea kelp into compounds that your skin can recognize and use to create new and healthier compounds within your own cell walls. Now, what does that mean in terms of results? Well, one can expect an increase in collagen and a more youthful look for the skin…but how about for the scalp and hair? Check this thread out:

RejuvePlex contains 5% Marine Seakelp Bioferment, and is most likely the reason as to why RejuvePlex can cause hair to stick together, as it is gelatinous in its raw form. In our opinion, this is well worth the benefit of the inclusion of this active.


Lumistor’s formal name is L-Hydroproxyline, an amino acid that is a primary constituent of collagen in the skin, connective tissue, and bones. A lack of this particular amino acid can result in a loss of skin moisture, and a reduction in the proliferation of epidermal cells. Used both orally and topically, Lumistor is said to enhance skin firmness and elasticity. There is some further information on Lumistor available at the following links:


Some of you may remember the topical trial that we did with Naturex’s Seveov liquid Maca extract… Unfortunately, there was a fatal error in that trial that resulted in a much weaker solution than is necessary to attain results. We were instructed to use far less than 1% of the Seveov per bottle of solution, which in reality is actually the percentage that would be used if we were to blend the pure powder form as opposed to the liquid form. The form that we use is a liquid extract, and as such, needs to be considerably more concentrated (@ 2%) to yield positive results.

As for how Seveov works—it is an extract derived from Peruvian Maca that, in an in vitro study, was found to increase collagen synthesis by 46% and enhance integrin synthesis by 54%, which in turn provides a boost to the cellular adhesion mechanism while also improving the density of the basal layer’s lattice. In layman’s terms, this helps to slow down and diminish signs of skin-related aging.

As for hair benefits, an in vitro study found that it stimulates hair growth by 93% as a result of 4 simultaneous actions, which can be read about at the following link:


For those that remember HairGen, it was a topical that we were working on for some time that, unfortunately, never came to fruition. One of the key ingredients that we were excited about including in the formulation was a liquid Pueraria Mirifica extract known as Puresterol, created by Dr. Sandford Schwartz (Dr. Sandy). Many of you may not be familiar with Dr. Sandy, but he’s actually one of the bigger names in the alternative medical field. In fact, Dr. Sandy introduced Dr. Atkins to alternative medicine, which eventually led to Atkins’ development of the “Atkins Diet”.

When applied topically, Puresterol (at the proper formula ratio) has been shown to not only initiate regrowth and increase hair density, but to restore hair color as well! More in-depth information on Puresterol can be found at the following links:

The key component in Pueraria Mirifica that makes it such an incredibly effective herb is Miroestrol. This substance assists not only in helping hair to maintain its natural color, but has also been known to halt hair loss, fight wrinkles, and reduce sagging skin. Sounds pretty far-out, but here is how it all works…

Miroestrol directly modulates estrogen receptors, and estrogen receptors influence the various estrogens in our bodies. These influenced estrogens then dictate how we age and what symptoms of aging that we experience, which can include (but are not limited to) loss of bone density, break-down of collagen, loss of skin elasticity, loss of hair pigment, and hair loss. Researchers have identified at least two types of estrogen receptors, known respecively as the alpha and beta receptors. Each receptor has a number of different functions unique unto itself, and it is the estrogen receptors that confer different effects on specific organs.

And, returning back to miroestrol…

The miroestrol molecule can positively control or modulate the actions of estrogen receptors, either by inhibiting the “bad” ones, or by activating the “good” ones. For example, the beta estrogen receptor stimulates an increase in nitric oxide production, which dilates your blood vessels and results in a healthy increase in blood flow. It appears to preserve the action of hair pigment-producing enzymes, and promotes the regeneration of tissue.

Throughout the aging process, our bodies thrive on less activity of estrogen receptor “alpha”, and require more activity from estrogen receptor “beta”. This is the case for both men and women.

Pharmaceutical companies are constantly searching for patentable (aka “synthetic’) estrogen-like molecules to affect the activity of estrogen receptors. The problem is, they are always toxic and carry a risk of side-effects.

Question—Why take an unsafe drug, when there is already a natural and effective plant-derived molecule available?

Miroestrol is derived from the root of Pueraria Mirifica of Thailand. The local people of Thailand frequently consume the root in their food and, as a result, are rarely afflicted with hormone-related degenerative diseases such as bone loss, breast, and prostate cancers. Miroestrol is virtually identical to the beneficial human estrogen known as estriol, which preferentially activates the beta-receptors. These actions are responsible for all of the anti-aging effects mentioned earlier.

Copper Tri-Peptide1

If you’ve been following hair loss at all over the years, then you’re no stranger to the idea of Copper peptides being used for both anti-aging and hair loss purposes. However, what we’ve seen to date in most products (though not all…) is the usage of Copper Gluconate or a cheap peptide derivative.

The reason?

Copper Tri-Peptides are expensive when utilized in both the right form and the right percentage in formula. Copper Tri-Peptides are powerful compounds that serve to both promote and stimulate collagen and elastin production in the skin, which may result in improvements to both the firmness and elasticity of skin. In layman’s terms, copper tri-peptides have the potential to reduce sagging skin and fine wrinkle lines which, in turn, restores a more youthful appearance to one’s skin.

Additionally, Copper Tri-Peptides can be of further benefit through its unique ability to gradually diminish scar tissue. Ultimately, inflammation is what drives a hair follicle bulb to shrink and swell (bruise). In turn, the surrounding tissue is replaced with hardened fibrotic (scar) tissue. This fibrotic tissue, combined with calcification of arteries, leads to the closing up a hair follicle which serves to increase the surface area of one’s “baldness”. Copper Tri-Peptides may assist in removing this scar tissue while also remodeling the protective skin barrier used as a protectant against inflammation (thus offering some potential for regrowth). Some further information on Copper Tri-Peptides may be found at the following links:

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica (to those who have followed potential hair loss solutions over the years) is more well-known as a form of “apple stem cells”. The two biggest hurdles with past apple stem cell products of the past included expensive cost and the unfortunate lack of an effective delivery system.

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica is derived from a rare breed of Swiss apple stem cells, and undergoes a liposomal emulsion process to greatly enhance its ability to permeate our skin membranes.

For more detailed information as to what stem cells are, as well as how apple stem cells may pertain to our health, we highly recommend the following link:

PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica assists in slowing down the degradation of skin stem cells, which results in a longer lifespan for said skin cells. In layman’s terms, this slows down aging symptoms! As it pertains to hair, PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica significantly extends the anagen (growing) phase of hair, resulting in less hair fallout, and more hair on our heads…the longer that the our hair follicle stays alive, the longer that our hair will get:

Essentially, we have epigenetic factors (meaning “building blocks, life energy, etc.” located in the cytoplasm of the stem cell) that transfer to adult human stem cells, with PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica working to optimize the performance of said adult epidermal skin cells. This action does not stimulate the growth of human stem cells per se, and does not directly have a chemical/physiological impact, but what it does do is nutrify and stimulate the current skin stem cells to perform optimally. PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica is “filled with the good stuff” that adult skin stem cells need so that said cells perform at an optimal level. The result is finer skin, diminished wrinkles, and potentially more hair on our heads.

Further information can be found at the following URLs:


GSP-T is a liposomal preparation of Swiss grape procyanidins and oil-soluble natural tocopherols that helps to protect hair against physical and chemical stresses such as ultra-violet rays, chemicals, hair dryers, and so forth. In addition, GSP-T offers anti-inflammatory and anti-glycation properties (glycation contributes to skin aging and deterioration of existing collagen), and protects dyed hair color from fading, along with assisting in maintaining one’s natural hair color.

The tocopherol side of this compound is absorbed into the hair shaft, which serves to increase the health of said shaft and the conditioning effect, in turn reducing the amount of overall hair damage from the aforementioned environmental stresses and factors. For further information on GSP-T, check out the following URLs:

Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 oA

Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 oA is essentially a liposomal form of topical Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). CoQ10 is well-known for its benefits for the cardiovascular symptom when taken in the right form internally; however, what we haven’t heard much about are the benefits when applied topically.

CoQ10 plays a number of important roles in the body, including (but not limited to) being an important component of energy metabolism within our bodies’ cells, free radical scavenging activity, and protection against signs of aging. The result is a stimulation of collagen production along with rejuvenation of skin by stimulation of mitochondrial activity. This benefits hair by re-energizing hair follicles and, due to its liposomal nature, penetrates into the hair bulb which may affect actual proliferation of hair bulb growth. In layman’s terms, that means that this active has regrowth potential! Additionally, Ultraviolet Ray-induced DNA depletion is reduced as Nano-Lipobelle DN CoQ10 oA assists in protecting skin DNA from Ultraviolet radiation.

Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA

While the majority of the actives in this formula are geared toward improving the quality and quantity of new hair growth, Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA instead focuses on improving and maintaining the quality of hair that is there to begin with.

Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA is a cationic liposome that contains large amounts of D-Panthenol. D-Panthenol is also known as “pro-vitamin B5”, and is fairly common in the cosmetical industry, with this particular compound sticking out due to its cationic liposomal nature. The properties possessed by D-Panthenol include: increased moisturization of the skin, increased skin elasticity and softness, anti-inflammatory and skin soothing ability, and the potential to stimulate epithelisation (skin formation) while also healing minor wounds, amongst a myriad of other benefits which can be further read about at the following URL:

Hair benefits include protection against environmental factors, repair of hair (think “split ends” and other forms of damaged hair), and increased hair thickness/density. More information on Nano-Lipobelle S100/PA can be found at the official URL for the active below:

Epicalmin TCM

Epicalmin TCM is a blend of traditional chinese medicine with modern science that serves to both rejuvenate and repair skin. Due to various environmental and internal factors, our bodies go through what is referred to as chronic inflammaging; a low-grade inflammation that our bodies consistently yet silently endure in the background—a major cause of premature aging:

Epicalmin TCM combats chronic inflammaging via a number of pathways, including reinforcing the skin’s self-protection mechanism against dehydration, oxidative stress that leads to free radical formation, and degradation of the extra-cellular matrix. Additionally, keratinocytes MMP-1 (Matrix Mellaproteinase-1), MMP-3, and MMP-9 are down-regulated. By modulating these pathways and keratinocytes, overall inflammation is reduced, which results in skin that ages better, healthier hair growth, and a reduction in hair loss. Further information on Epicalmin TCM can be found at the following link:


When looking into AquaCacteen, we asked the manufacturer to sum up their thoughts on this active in a few words, and the reply was—“Aloe on steroids.” The common and intended denominator between the majority of actives in RejuvePlex is both inflammation management and mitigation, as modulating these factors will result in both a reduction in skin aging and hair loss.

AquaCacteen is derived from the prickly pear fruit and, as a result, is rich in flavones, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and piscidic acid. It is no slacker in the area of inflammation management, and does so by blocking “the release of stress markers from sensory nerve cells in the skin” in addition to providing a large amount of hydration due to its “high content of water-binding compounds” that results in both a calming and soothing effect for inflamed and irritated skin. In addition to inflammation reduction and skin hydration, AquaCacteen also exhibits a firming effect on the skin (opposes skin “sagging”), and provides further protection against environmental stresses. Further information on AquaCacteen can be found at the following link:

The End

Well, if you read this far, thank you for bearing with us. This formula is not “fixed” and can and will be improved upon as necessary—even if it means simply increasing the percentages of various actives in the formula. This may also mean future increases in price, but for now, the price should be fairly steady. That said, we’re happy with the current formulation and percentages used, and are excited to see how everyone else responds.

Any questions? Ask away!


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December 12th, 2011, 04:38 PM

Hey, guys!

With the nano-silver, ignore the part about the demodex and replace it with “anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial”, etc.  We actually had a camera fail during that point, and while we were getting it back online, we talked about it and decided to nix the demodex talk since it’s a bit controversial and focus more on the other aspects of it.  HOWEVER… we didn’t actually re-do the section so it’s still in there!

That was intended to be a tiny little part of it anyway, but I knew we had so much to cover that I kept pressing us forward instead of taking us back to that point again.

So, don’t focus on that -I know that’s a very controversial topic, and it’s only one tiny aspect of one ingredient of this topical anyway.


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Immortal Hair

Immortal Hair


December 12th, 2011, 05:23 PM

Hey everyone!  None of us had any rehearsal, so it was all live—and I said somethings that didn’t come out right. So for the record, superoxide breaks down Nitric Oxide (NO). Superoxide dismutase reduces peroxynitrite and superoxide.



Now available for consultation (hair and/or health)



January 03rd, 2012, 05:53 PM

haha almost got a Christmas feeling from the intro of that video. It is great that you guys put all that effort into doing this.
Is the part also meant for asking question?

I was actually wondering about how long, on average, you would to with a 2 oz. bottle, when you use if on your scalp (mostly on crown and temples..)

you also mention some ages in the video..since I am only 23 years old, will this topical be less beneficial for me..




January 11th, 2012, 08:57 PM

Hi dZine!

Thank you for the kind words. smile

As for ages—it’s not so much the age that is important, as it is how quickly you attempt to treat your hair loss.  Meaning, if you’re slick bald or a good part of your head is (ie. - George Costanza), then this wouldn’t be of much benefit in helping your hair, since it is long gone.  Being 23, I would imagine that your hair loss started no earlier than 18, so you’re at a great stage to tackle your hair loss.  Had you waited 10-15 years though, the result would be different.

A 2 oz. bottle, applied to my face and entire scalp, has lasted me about 6 weeks at once a day post-shower.  However, I shave my head, so I don’t have hair absorbing the topical as others may.  It seems that the general consensus is 20-30 days.  But, if only applied to your scalp and temples, it may be a month or a bit more.

I hope that helps!



May 16th, 2012, 08:21 PM

Hi ImmortalHair and Niddhoge,
            I’ve just ordered another 3 bottles of Rejuveplex, I’ve also ordered 50 micro grams of Keratinocyte Growth Factor (KGF). I’ve got some questions.

Can I add the KGF to Rejuveplex without reducing the effects of either?
Will the Rejuveplex carry the KGF to the follicle, absorb into the skin?
If Rejuveplex is applied 20min prior to lasering, will the lasering negatively effect the Rejuvaplex?





June 30th, 2012, 04:00 PM

Hi Kazbar!

Yes…you can safely mix both of those.  I apologize for the late reply, as this comment was just brought to my attention. 

Take care!



October 19th, 2012, 03:55 PM

I just ordered a Rejuveplex from immortal’s site. Will have to wait the 3-4 weeks it’ll take to arrive…

Anyways, as a plastic surgeon I’ve been updated about what actually works and what doesn’t on cosmetic cream preparations. I can frankly say I’m impressed by your Rejuveplex ingredients list, particularly the Copper Tripeptides and the Lumistor. Those two alone are worth the whole ingredient list in terms of effectivity in fine wrinkle diminishing.

I would like to suggest you add Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE) and ALA, as these also have proven to be very effective in reducing aging appearance, at least empirically.

Congrats on the great product!

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