Application for Membership!

UPDATED August 2nd, 2013 !

Hey, Guys!

Great news… I’ve been working extensively offline redeveloping this site, the site, a new site, and a couple of others.  First and foremost, I’m developing a primary Revolutionary Anti-Aging site, and the other sites are going to fit into a “matrix” with Revolutionary Anti-Aging so they can share content, articles, etc!

It will probably take up to two more months to get THIS SITE to fit into that matrix.  Funny story… although this is an amazing website with awesome functionality, I was a total noob when I designed it (on a cocktail napkin), and it ended up vastly over-complicated “under the hood”.  More importantly,  it won’t be able to fit into the matrix unless I rework everything from the ground up.

This “matrix” will be MY LIFE—I’ll finally be able to organize and easily share all the data that I’ve learned over all the years, and I’m sure some of you can’t wait until I start actively posting on my OMG site again!!!  [Man, I’ve got a lot of punches to throw back to offenders!]

So, this is going to happen, and it will be so much better it’s not even funny!  Until then, though, I’m not going to add any new members to this site.  I’m getting to the point where any new members would cause me to have to re-download the database, etc. every time or they would be erased when I finally put up the new site.

So, stay tuned and hang in there!  YOU’LL KNOW when I’m ready!!!  I shouldn’t lose any data—but I may have to pull some fancy strings to get the comments of the older articles to move over to the format.  Also, updating that forum might make me lose more hairs because that’s so complex it’s ridiculous—but it’s a chance I’m willing to take!  Ha ha!

-John (O.M.G.)