Full Rules for Membership

Forum Member Bill of Rights:

You have the absolute right to not to be a member of this forum.  Also, you have a unassailable right to end your membership at anytime.

You have a right to make your own judgments about every aspect of this site.  You have the right to determine for yourself whether or not this site is not in your best interest, and if you chose that isn’t, your right to end your membership should (and will) be exercised.

You have the right to chose your own words and be judged accordingly by them.  You have the right to take full responsibility for any and all of your actions here.

WorldHairLoss.org Constitution:


This is a “public forum”, but retaining membership is not a right -it’s a privilege.  This forum is run by people that 1) have vast experience in the internet forum world, and 2) are proactively looking for solutions for hair loss.  Therefore, we aren’t going to “pull any punches” with the rules of this site, and that is simply because we understand the intricacies of proactive communities. 

Our utmost concerns are the overall health of the community, keeping the site proactive, and keeping the site in line with the vision of the owners.  Most everyone is a great poster so formal rules are virtually unnecessary, but occasionally we have problems so there is a need to address these issues -and you, as a community member, deserve to see them.  As a member, you’ve already agreed to them in the “Terms of Service”.  Here is our philosophy:

Article I, Overview of Proper Behavior:

The Internet is a wonderful place, but we have all noticed that it can also provide people with the means to insult and harass others without taking the full responsibility for their words. A community that allows that type of behavior will quickly decay, so we have a policy of removing individuals that are not respectful to their fellow poster. 

You are absolutely free to disagree with any statements/opinions on the site, but you are not free to attack or insult others -at all.  We’ll remove any comments or posts that we find are in violation of this -at will.  If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it in WorldHairLoss.org. 

Article II, The Truth about Conflict Resolution:

There are two sides to every argument -except when the moderators/owners are involved.  When the situation arises, WorldHairLoss.org will have opinions on who is right and who is wrong, and you don’t have to understand (or like) our point of view.  Arguing with us is going to make it worse, too.  Feel free to post at any other forum to get the “last word”, but we’re not going to allow it here.  Decisions are final, and we aren’t going to waste time convincing offenders that can’t be convinced of our point of view.

It’s extremely hard to build a good site, business, organization, or anything with the wrong people, and the moderators/owners want this site to flourish.  If you are the type of person that regularly accuses the moderators/owners of showing favoritism to some people over others, frankly… YOU’RE RIGHT, we will show favoritism, and we aren’t going to apologize for it.  We will side with people that we feel are “the right people” to make the forum flourish, and that’s the end of it.

It comes down to judgment calls.  For the owners/moderators of the site, being a leader isn’t easy -it results in a lot of tough decisions.  But the fact is, we make those decisions, and not everyone is going to be happy.

So, if you want a site that supports the notion that everyone is entitled to have their opinion heard -no matter how negative or crazy it may be, then you’re at the wrong spot.  If you behave in a manner that is POISON for this site and the discussion in general, you are going to be very frustrated here.

Article III, The Establishment of Our Mutual Relationship:

You look to the site to get/provide information on hair loss, and we look to you to MAKE THIS SITE LOOK GOOD.  If we feel that you are negatively impacting the site, then we reserve the right to get rid of you -for any reason, whether you feel it’s valid or not. 

If you attack others, you make the site look bad.  If you incessantly argue with other posters, you make the site look bad.  If you try to undermine the credibility of the site owners/moderators, you DEFINITELY make the site look bad, and it’s our right to choose to not put up with it.

If you think that any of this is ridiculous, then once again we remind you that there are plenty of other forums to post in -you’re not going to be a match for this one.

Article IV, Hit-and-Run Posters, the absolute scum of forums:

No “hit and run” posting will be allowed AT ALL.  If you register for the soul purpose of leaving a brainless negative comment about something or a quick, shill-like promotion of a product and aren’t around immediately for any follow up, then don’t be surprised if your account is banned, your IP is blocked, and your post is gone.

When someone has obviously put a lot of work into a post, nothing is more insulting to have a person post a negative one-liner with no substance.  These will be swiftly and mercilessly dealt with.

Article V, Company Representatives:

We don’t mind if company reps/owners come on this site, but we need you to identify yourself in advance -preferably in your username, but that isn’t always necessary.  Make no secret about your ties to the company.  If you do, then we will charge you monthly advertising rates ($500) and a punitive charge ($1000) for every single post -and we’ll get it from you.  Becoming a member and “shilling” is a legally binding agreement to these rates.  We will 1) send a collection agency after you, and/or 2) file a lawsuit against you if you are caught.  These are not idle threats, either.  Think you can get away with it?  Then you don’t know how good the owners are at tracking this sort of stuff.

On the other hand, legitimate company representation is encouraged.  However, if you promote your product in any way, then you must be there to face any and all criticism.  We’ll try to “keep it fair”... we will remove people’s comments that are overly negative and don’t have any substance.  In fact, we will (for the most part) only allow people to say really negative things about your product if they’ve tried it or have some other first hand knowledge with it or the ingredients.

We feel that some of the most passionate, knowledgeable people in the world of hair loss are those that have some involvement in it, so to turn away everyone carte blanche would be ludicrous.  This is why we encourage legitimate company representation -we WANT experts to post.  Also, there are a lot of products out there and it’s hard for smaller companies to get the word out about something new and exciting, and we wouldn’t mind helping them do that to an extent.

Article VI, Blacklist:

Companies/people that we feel are unethical, frequent violators of the ideals of this site (even if they don’t post here), or have attempted to besmirch the owners, moderators, and members in good standing of this site will be blacklisted.  This means that there will be a “zero tolerance” of even mentioning that person/product.

We realize that some interpret this as “censoring”, and our response to that is simply that it’s a shame that an entity had to do this to themselves to get blacklisted to begin with.  The hair loss forum world has had it’s share of both bullies and snakes -most of them a very small number of repeat offenders- and this site is a reprieve from them.  We’re not in the business to do favors for entities that have chosen to become our enemies, and members will have to adhere to our decisions and not “skirt around” or exacerbate this.

By using this solution, everybody wins.  It prevents that entity from becoming an issue for us again, it keeps old wounds from being reopened, and it keeps that entity from getting further negative criticism.  Once again, if you don’t like that policy, there are plenty of other places where you CAN speak about these companies/people freely -so do it there, not here. 

Article VII, Liability:

WorldHairLoss Inc. and WorldHairLoss.org are in no way legally responsible for the posts made by members on this site.  If you have a company and feel that your product is getting unfairly smeared, or if you are a public figure in the world of hair loss and feel that you are being slandered -too bad.  You can contact us and we will analyze what is going on, and you may or may not like our decision of what we are going to do about it.  We will allow you to join and try to defend yourself as long as you are in accordance with the rest of the rules -and frankly, people might respect you for it. 

However, if you think that a judge is going to set new legal precedence against internet forums for being responsible for the things that anonymous members say… then you’re either self-delusional or being taken for a ride by an attorney (if you actually have one).  The most important rule here is not to take yourself or your company so seriously.  The owners of this site have been collectively subject to probably more criticism than anyone else in the forums, and look at us… we haven’t threatened to sue once.

Article VIII, Summary of Powers of the Owners/Moderators of WorldHairLoss.org:

In conclusion, the owners/moderators have the right to end any membership for any reason.  Once again, membership is a privilege, not a right, and you should treat it as such.  There are many places on the internet where you can post, and you are free to post at any one of them.  However, while on this site, we ask that you understand, respect, and follow these rules.