The Truth about Hair Loss Forums and the Hair Loss Industry

Bottle of Snake Oil

The “hair loss industry” has earned a reputation for itself as being extremely untrustworthy.  Since the beginning of time, there have always been peddlers of “snake oil” that take advantage of balding people.  Some of it is humorous, but actually… it’s a very big and serious problem when you are suffering from hair loss.  Who do you believe?  Who can you trust?  Who is looking out for you??

The answer to the last question is “no one but yourself”.

Without a doubt, the owners of most hair loss sites out there are very well-intentioned people, and the vast majority of people involved in those sites are simply there to try to fight their own hair loss -the editors and journalists of this site truly believe that.

However, the editors running this site have inside knowledge and vision over what has occurred over the past decade on these sites.  There are people involved in the discussion that have no intention of actually helping you, and are there to do nothing but direct people to a certain product.  Some of them even take it one step further and attempt to cause as much confusion as possible about “competing” treatments.  This is clearly unethical (and illegal as well) and not only do the owners of this site take a strong stance against this practice, the community itself won’t stand for it.  There is a zero tolerance policy here for that -and frankly, even if the owners missed something, it’s enforced by pitchforks from an angry mob.

You already knew this occurs all over the internet in any industry, though, and we are just pointing out the obvious.  Go visit any site that sells electronic equipment, or go to a site that sells competing types of downloadable software and read the user comments.  It’s painfully obvious that many of those comments were placed by the product manufacturer.  I’m sure you’ve noticed this before!  Some sites are so out of hand that you can’t believe anything that’s written.

Most of the time these unethical shills are very easy to spot and don’t cover their tracks very well, but several of them have gotten away with it for years.  Just remember this to protect yourself… what do you really know about the person on the other side of the screen? 

Are they engaged in “hit and run” posting?  Are they heavily critical of something without offering any real evidence?  Do they post heavily, but yet offer no real personal details about their life?  Are they engaged in “character assassination”?  Are they straight-up directing you to another site with financial interests?  This is the most important question… does it seem like they are actually interested in fighting their own hair loss?

All of these questions are questions that you need to ask yourself -including about the editors, journalists, and members of this site.  Always protect yourself!  No one is looking out for you in this world, so make sure to take that extra step and we will all be better off for it.

Financial Matters

As I have said before, the editors of this site have both long-term experience in forums (both hair loss related and not) and behind-the-scenes knowledge of what goes on.  Some of us have seen FIRST HAND an advertiser’s/paid sponsor’s influence on big decisions regarding a site -including the unjustified silencing of members, deletion of threads/posts, etc. that have to do strictly with financial interests.

It has happened before, and in an imperfect world and in an industry that is so heavily dominated by financial interests, it will happen again.  You need to know this, and you need to protect yourself with this knowledge.  The hair loss industry isn’t alone here… it happens in just about every forum on every topic in the world. 

At, we will strive to be fair and balanced, but you need to take the responsibility to educate yourself enough to determine if that statement is being practiced.  From our point of view, the more educated you are on this, the more valuable of a poster you become -and you are helping yourself.

This site will make money from sponsors and advertisers, and several of the editors actually have their own hair loss products (i.e: OverMachoGrande and Nidhogge make LLLT devices, Joe the Zix Guy makes “Hair Muck”, etc…) -and are always entertaining the idea of formulating more.  The difference is that will actually TELL YOU whether or not we have a financial interest in a product.  Our track record and our devotion to consumer advocacy is readily visible, and has been for years.  If you aren’t aware of this, then please investigate further.  Many of the editors and journalists have already made a name for themselves in this regard, so this is not hard information to procure.

Here is our standpoint on this:  Sometimes the most passionate people in any industry are the ones that do have some sort of involvement in it.  This site is the only “full-service” hair loss site in which the people that run it are actively searching for ways to combat hair loss -and we have developed/are developing products as a result of this.  So, it’s up to you -and no one else- to determine whether or not this site or others have the member’s best interest at heart.

Whether you live in a world where you view things as black or white or even shades of grey, one thing is extremely important here when making judgments… is the cart (financial interest) before the horse (passion), or is the horse before the cart like it should be?  Which was there first… the passion or the financial interest?  That is clutch in the decision-making process on who to trust, and it’s one that the editors of this site have covered their bases on for years. 

The truth of the matter is that almost every site or forum in the hair loss industry has a vested interest in it… but whether they TELL YOU OR NOT is another aspect all together.  So, we practice full transparency, and we want there to be no misunderstanding about this issue.

So, be vigilant, always remember that you shouldn’t trust what anyone says unless you’ve done the research and know it to be true on your own.  Remember also that there are a lot of unethical commercial interests in the hair loss world that take advantage of an open discussion, too, and although we will try to expose them when they occur, sometimes we could miss.  You are your own best line of defense!

The Editors of