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Submitted by OverMachoGrande, January 01st, 2010, 4:13 pm


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The link up above obviously redirects to this page again, so you don’t have to “please read”! lol…

Ok, this is obviously about as off topic as you can get, but I wanted to share something with you guys that means a lot to me:  the” Key West Streaming Bar Cam” from the Hogsbreath Saloon!





If you’ve ever been to Key West, it’s a great place to be.  It’s the only city in the 48 continental United States that has never had a frost, and the average temperatures in January are lows of 67 °F (19 °C) and highs of 75 °F (24 °C).  It has a culture unlike anywhere else -something that Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, and Harry S. Truman had all figured out.  Looking at that streaming cam reminds me of that cool, laid-back atmosphere, having a lot of fun, and focusing on the stress-free, important things in life! 

What’s really cool about this cam is that it’s on 24/7.  You can see people enjoying life music during the night, see hapless guys hitting on girls way out of their league, and you can see tumbleweeds blowing through it at 4am.  If you ever watch it right after dawn, you can see delivery men wheeling beer in on dollies.

I have a personal story here, too, which makes this Key West Bar Cam extra-memorable for me -oh, and names and dates are going to be left out to protect the guilty!  I had a job that I really enjoyed in the past -but it was an absolutely HORRIBLE COMPANY.  Like any large company that becomes extremely successful in a short period of time, the “Peter Principle” becomes a factor and you have a lot of people in management/executive positions that should NOT under any circumstance be there.  They were promoted past their level of competence -and, ergo, are incompetent!

Well, incompetent bosses also tend to be tyrannical assholes, and such was the case with my company.  Me and an undisclosed number of coworkers that worked “out in the field” decided it was time to split after being abused to the point of pain and exhaustion, so we decided to make it memorable.  The incompetent executives of the company were on some sort of retreat to a far corner of the world, and we decided that it would be great to just blow off work for a week and meet up in Key West.

We did just that.  However, we took it a step further… we decided to call the inside employees at the home base, told them to direct their internet browsers to this bar cam, and waved at them!  Man… word spread like WILD FIRE, but because the bosses were such assholes, no one wanted to tell them directly.  They eventually started hearing whispers and rumors, and they went in panic mode trying to figure out what the hell was going on.

Yeah, they PANICKED.  Mainly because of their arrogance -how dare something like this have happened in their SERIOUS LITTLE WORLD!

Those moments of panic were priceless for us because we -for the first time- were able to laugh at them and say “I don’t know what the hell you are talking about, asshole!” instead of cowering in fear.  We ate up every single moment of that!

As planned, we resigned from the company after a couple of weeks of letting them fester.  The crème del la crème: we purposely left our email correspondences about these bosses on our hard drives, too (of course, there was no mention of this incident to be found -and still isn’t… save for this one, lonely entry right here that has no real detail). The contents of our laptops revealed that they were thought of as absolute JOKES.

For arrogant people to hear those things about them… it’s gotta hurt.  And yeah, it did hurt them.  I heard that over the following several months from the inside employees that remained -lots of closed door meetings, vice presidents at the corporate headquarters demanding full inquisitions and management skill assessments from those buffoons, people spying them with their heads down on their desks, practically weeping.

Sometimes victory is extra sweet!  These clowns deserved it, and if I saw them today… it probably wouldn’t be a pleasant exchange of words.  What freaking LOSERS!  How DARE they treat their fellow man they way they treated us!

So, I look at that Key West Bar Cam, and I hear the resounding call of one of the best justified rebellions that I’ve been a part of: “Liberty, My Brothers!”.

For the rest of you guys… just enjoy the damn bar cam, and go there if you go to Key West and tell us about it so we can get a screen shot of you waving!




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January 16th, 2010, 04:53 PM

Wow that is an awesome story.  It is a great feeling to be able to walk away from something that isn’t your true calling in life.  I personally believe we all have our own mission in life and for whatever reason most people just don’t follow through with it.  For the most part it is because people, including myself, are scared to take the first step into that “unkown” territory.  Seriously though how many people can say that they did something like you did.  That is amazing.  Now you are doing something that you enjoy which is great.

Edit:  Can’t seem to get that cam feed to work… is it just me?




January 16th, 2010, 06:45 PM

You must be using Firefox… I can see it in I.E., but not Firefox.  I’ll have to tinker with the code later!

You know… I’m all for lots of different choices with everything, but being a web designer and having to tweak all aspects of your website so everything will function in both of those browsers is a PAIN! lol…  I wish that they’d all get on the same page!

I’m assuming that it wouldn’t work in Chrome and Safari, either.  It seems like if something works in IE but not in Firefox, it’s the exact same with all other types of browsers.  I think they must copy firefox’s code or something.

I’ll take a look at it in a bit!  One of the main purposes of this thread was to indeed TEST live, streaming asx feeds, so there you go….


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January 16th, 2010, 07:39 PM

Ok, it should be fixed and working in both now.  I can’t seem to get the actual FEED to resize in Firefox, though… only the size of the player itself.  So, in Firefox, you’ll see a lot of “black” around the edges, where in IE it will be full sized.

I think the problem is probably the feed itself… it’s ASX, which excuse me if I’m wrong, is like a really OLD SCHOOL way of streaming video!  Certainly, that doesn’t take away from the amazing cam, though! lol…

There probably is an attribute that I can add into the param’s to make Firefox fill up that box, but I can’t find it, and I really don’t need to tinker with it anymore.  It works, and the stuff that all of us Editors and Journalists will be doing in regards to streaming video will be state of the art -and at the least, done through http://www.stickam.com/.


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January 18th, 2010, 03:15 AM

LOL!  I do remember you telling me about this over the phone a long time ago, but not nearly as detailed.  This is GOLD, and I agree with Hapyman…it’s great to drop the ball-and-chain and pursue something that you truly believe in and want to go after in life.  Great story…




January 18th, 2010, 06:26 PM

Yeah for some reason Microsoft refuses to get onto the same standards as everyone else. Seems they like to interpret the “standards” to their own liking.

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