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Zix Homepage: Homemade Hair Loss Solution Featuring “Hair Muck” -Similar to Scalp Med.

Joe the Zix Creator is an editor of, and the creator of both the “Zix” formula and “HairMuck”—a topical additive that can turn generic minoxidil into something similar to ScalpMed.  This product is an extremely inexpensive yet effective alternative for treating hair loss. Reverse Hair Loss Naturally

Brian Simonis, a.k.a. “Immortal Hair”, an editor of, is an author and researcher educated in all aspects of orthomolecular medicine.  He couples his medical expertise and avid interest in androgenetic alopecia to investigate natural solutions for both health and hair loss.  Hit website is also home to a very busy natural hair loss forum. Build Your Own / Do-It-Yourself Laser Brush/Comb/Helmet for Hair Loss

The site that caused the LLLT revolution in the forums, with the word “revolution” being quite literal!  This consumer advocate site for LLLT is the first website on the world wide web that attempts to explain all aspects of laser therapy for hair loss including (but not limited to!)...the fraud of underpowered devices, the exorbitant cost of devices that do work, and how to cheaply build one of the most successful devices for hair loss in forum history. This is also the home of the “Laser Messiah” hair laser helmet that is manufactured by John Christian, a.k.a. OverMachoGrande (who is also an editor and the webmaster of Hair Loss Information and Forums, and a friend of

HairLossFight is a site for information on hair loss that houses a very active discussion forum.  HairLossFight and have a strong relationship.  Real Fitness and Health Solutions for Real People

Primordial Performance is currently the only bodybuilding supplement company endorsed by the World Hair Loss Organization due to their dedication to providing quality supplements that not only benefit our physiques, but also improve our overall health.  Primordial Performance is also responsible for the creation of Contributing Editor Dan “Nidhogge” Novitski’s all-natural hair loss formula (HairGen), and will soon be conducting a free 6-month trial of the product in the near future!